How can I add a port to my A record?

How can I add a port to my A record?


Thank you for asking.

I am afraid this is not possible in the DNS tab of CF dashboard :thinking:
You cannot specify a specific port in the DNS records.

Otherwise, may I ask if you’re thinking about adding a SRV type of the DNS record(s)? :thinking:

Your web application/service can run on some port which you could access via the scheme ip:port or hostname:port in your Web browser.

May I ask which one do you need?

Currently, the ones which are compatible and supported with Cloudflare proxied :orange: are listed on the link from below:

If you need to run your web app on some specific, either switch the DNS hostname to unproxied :grey: (DNS-only), otherwise you can try out by using Cloudflare Spectrum, if so:

You can do a Destination Port Override but it’s currently in beta and can only be done via the API.

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