How can i add a dns TXT record so i can verify my domain on facebook?

Hello all.

for some reason, i cannot verify my domain on Facebook. This has probably already
been answered, so i apologise.

I have the piece text i need to add.

I have added a new record, yet i get a DNS mismatch (DNS TXT Record Mismatch
We did not find a matching DNS TXT entry on your domain)

Anyone able to help at all? its driving me insane.



Thank you for asking.

May I ask have you added a TXT record for @ with the value provided from Facebook?
Was your domain recently added to your Cloudflare account?

Furthermore, may I ask what is your domain name so I could check online using tools for the propagation of the TXT record?

May I suggest my two post from below:


I am new to this, so i apologise if its a very novice question!

Thank you for feedback information.

Correct, that is the right way to add a new TXT record as Facebook prompted.

Furthermore, when checking online and using DIG command for your domain currently I see only the Google Verification TXT record. I do not see facebook verification TXT record.
That is strange a bit.

think this is where the issue lies.

the domain is with google. however UENI built the website and they use cloudfare, i spoke
with google support who said to contact cloudfare live chat, however i couldnt find that option.


I assume UENI is some organization or agency or some online website builder tool?

The part “they use Cloudflare”, maybe you do not have access to it?
Have you tried adding a TXT record through their interface?
Otherwise, it might be a good way to contact UENI if they are your Cloudflare integrator for your domain name?

Just quick check, at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name, at the “Cloudflare Nameservers” section, may I ask you to re-check and do you see:

Or rather some other?

I am very clueless on all this stuff, however that is what it shhows, i need to use the rocky and rosa
for UENI

Sorry to sound so stupid

Thank you for screenshot and check.
Unfortunately, seems like your domain uses UENI Cloudflare integration and any changes you make will not be applied until nameservers are changed → do not do this, otherwise we might have other issues and possible “stuck in the loop”.

  • if you change them at Google domains to pam and theo you might lose your website and other things …

Kindly, contact UENI and ask them to add the TXT record for you with the value as Facebook prompted.

Or, you might have to figure out if you have got the access to this interface/panel to manage your DNS record of Cloudflare by using their integrated interface.

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thank you.

I am on with them now. fingers crossed they can add it.

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Thanks for all the help Fritex! much appreciated

looks like ueni are going to send it to their back end team to sort.

well i hope so anyway

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