How can i add 2 domain connection in 1 vps

Hey, i am hosting 2 servers in my VPS 1st is a Website and 2nd is an Image Server both port are different but the 1st website is connected to my domain and I want to connect my Image server to my 2nd domain. So can someone help me with how should I do that and what I add in DNS settings?

What type of server is it? Nginx or apache? or what?

Which port are they? as i know, you can not set port at Cloudflare but you can set it in your server. But i’m wondering why you need run it via different port? You can easy set 2 domain hosted at your VPS and run it via 80 and 443 (both run 2 port, one for http and one for https) using virtual host.

I am not using a Nginx or apache. And my port is 1st- 80 and 2nd 5500

well, seem you are using oracle, then wait for some one at Cloudflare Team, i have never used this with different port on cloudflare.

Port 80 is fine if it’s HTTP traffic. Cloudflare does not proxy over Port 5500 unless you’re an Enterprise customer with Spectrum enabled.

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