How can i access my cloudflare firewall settings

How can i access my cloudflare firewall settings and allowlist some ip addresses from an ads network for proper crawling of my website

I would recommend doing the following:

In the Cloudflare Dashboard, under your website, go to Security → Events, Magic Link:
You can add a filter for the IPs from the ads network, and find the event blocking/challenging them.

→ If you don’t find any event, they’re not being blocked by Cloudflare at least in the timeframe you selected, and I would investigate the exact error they are encountering.

If you do find an event, expand it and look at the Service that caused it.
→ If it’s Bot Fight Mode and you are on free, your only option is to disable Bot Fight Mode (under Security >
Bots). BFM cannot be skipped or bypassed on free, short of disabling it entirely.

→ If it’s a custom rule or something you configured, is the rule overly broad/shouldn’t be flagging them and should be adjusted?

Otherwise, under Security → WAF → Custom Rules, you can create a new rule matching on IP Source Address (you can use is in to specify multiple) with the Skip action to skip the specific service/feature blocking them. Or you could skip everything if you 100% trust the traffic from those IPs will always be entitlement and fine to skip your security features. You could also combine it with some other check, like IP + User Agent or a header, etc.

When looking into these issues, it’s worth looking at the headers on the response of what you think is a Cloudflare block. If the response has CF-Cache-Status header, it came from the origin, and wasn’t blocked by Cloudflare itself.

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