How can I access Cloudflare Logs

We’re comparing our server unique visitors counts with that of Cloudflares as there seems to be a discrepancy when our server said they should be roughly the same.

They’re asking for the Unique Visitors logs. Where and how can we access this if possible?

Only Enterprise plans get access to the Cloudflare logs for your domain.

There’s also this:

I’m sure there almost certainly is (and Cloudflare’s number is likely (much) higher). If someone only requests cached assets when visiting the site we’d never make a request to the origin server itself. We’d also count someone as a visitor if they made a request which was blocked by our WAF I believe as well as failed captcha or javascript challenges, which would also not result in a request to the origin. We’d also likely be higher than a 3rd party tool such as Google Analytics would report since GA requires javascript to be invoked to count a visitor to a page and we don’t.