How block website mirror

i need help
need block website mirror o r clon


Why would you believe this is Cloudflare related?

no, i need the rule for block web mirror

That first depends on how they “mirror” your site. You first need to establish that.

If I need to configure cloudflare so that the sites do not clone me, Russian pages.

you cant help?

Well, as I said, before you can configure anything on Cloudflare you first need to establish how they access your site. Without knowing that there is little point in doing anything. Unfortunately that subject however is somewhat off-topic for the forum and better covered at e.g. Reddit or StackExchange.

Once you know how they access your content (e.g. a crawler with a specific user agent or a specfic IP address) and there actually is a way to block this via Cloudflare, the forum here would be the right place to continue that discussion.

but I do not know,
because when posted on my page, fast is shown on the other page.

Hence my suggestion to ask on Reddit or StackExchange. These places are better suited for such a generic question. Finding a security consultant might also be an option.

Simply check your server logs and use trial-and-error to establish how they access the content (real time, delayed, etc.).

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