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We have a website set up to run through Cloudflare, we’ll call this “websitename_co_uk” for now.

We also have emails set up on “websitename_com” using Office365.

We have programmed the contact forms & order confirmation emails on the _co_uk site to be sent to and from “[email protected]_com”.

We have set an SPF record up on the _com DNS to allow emails to be sent on the IP address of the server that _co_uk is set up on. When we disbale CloudFlare for _co_uk, emails are receieved. When CloudFlare is enabled, they are not received.

When you ping the website, the IP address that is returned is different when if it runs through CloudFlare compared to what we normally see when the website is not running through cloudflare.

My question is, when the site is running through CloudFlare, will it always return the same IP when the address is pinged? If so, i guess we can amend/add a new spf record for the new address. If the address always changes (which I suspect it might?), what is the best way to set up the SPF record to enable sending on the emails?



The IP address Cloudflare attributed to my website hasn’t changed since I began using CF a couple of years ago. While there’s no promise this won’t change, you have to keep in mind that the same IP address given to any website is also attributed to hundreds of other domains on Cloudlfare. So the best way would be to create your SPF policies using your and .com domains, instead of their IP addresses.


All the tools to test and configure your mail is located here.

and once everything is configured properly, use this tool to email a test for deliveralbility issues.


Don’t overthink it. I use this all the time - it works great:

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