How is so fast?

Hi! I’ve been researching a lot about fast connectivity. But, I am very much shocked that their first time visit is also very fast and TTFB (Time To First Byte) is very impressive.

CMS: WordPress

DNS Management: CloudFlare

CloudFlare’s: Rocket Loader is active.

Host: I don’t know. They used to use Digitial Ocean before and before that AWS.

Cache Plugin: None (WordPress)\

Static Files (imgs, css, js): Loading from only (Base Domain). No CDN domain or CloudFlare’s.

Web Server: I don’t know.

How is that possible that this website is loading like a Rocket in browser? I have never seen such fast loading WordPress Website. Their TTFB is consistent, their GTMetrix Load Time is good too. Browser Caching is best I have seen. Please make me understand how all this is happening?


They appear to aggressively cache (i.e. the main document), so everything is served from Cloudflare’s cache.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply. If you do not mind?

What did you mean by this? And, How can we do it or say implement it?

Since, it’s blazing lightning fast caching which implemented really good.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’d need to set up a cache everything page rule that covers your entire site (/*) but be aware that will really keep everything cached, so updates to your site wont immediately show up. Also, if you have any logins that would be an issue as that output would be cached too. On a purely anonymous site it should work though.


Okay. Makes sense.

But that won’t be a problem since we don’t make much changes. I understood this. I actually did setup the page-rule.

We don’t have user-logins except for editor so that won’t be an issue too.


  1. My TTFB is still very high when you visit for the first time where as their TTFB is always double digit.

  2. I didn’t understood one thing is that, CloudFlare is caching their website how? What exactly is happening here if you could tell me in layman’s lang?

  3. They are not doing minify, cdn for images/static files? Why is that so?

Their total website load time is less than 1 seconds.

That could still be an issue. You’d need to edit your site via an unproxied record in that case, otherwise your login might get cached.

First of all, you should work on your server in that case. Second, if everything is served by the proxy the response will be naturally faster as Cloudflare doesnt contact your server.

Please use the search and That is a basic question about how Cloudflare works and all explained there.

Thats something you need to ask them, but minification is not necessarily speeding things up.

Thats not really accurate. The main document loads quite fast. The entire site takes about two seconds.

But, yes, the site loads fast and that is because of caching.

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I actually made another page rule to not to cache* which actually helps in that regards.

Hmm, That’s the issue. If you could tell me what part of the server you’re referring to? Yes, my whole website is proxy by CloudFlare (Orange Cloud in DNS).

No. I didn’t meant to ask how cloudflare works in general. I meant to ask how with CloudFlare is working? What kind of caching is that? I want to know the technical term name here and it’s technicality of how is it working so fast?

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In general, your configuration appears (based on your statements) to have room for improvement and you should first work on getting your serrver to respond faster.

There is only one kind of caching. You either cache on the proxies or you dont, hence please check out

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I’ve implemented the page cache few minutes back only. If you mind telling me? How much time I should give to propagate it to the cloudflare’s servers world-wide?

Also, Is there any possibility we could know if they are using any other sort of premium cloudflare features to boost the website speed?

Basic Question: If CloudFlare is loading everything (Cache Everything), Why we need to work on Physical VPS Server? Since, whatever user will see is going to be on the CloudFlare’s Server.


That should work pretty instantaneously. Whats your domain?

Because you generally want a properly working server as well. What if you move away from Cloudflare? If none of that is of concern your server could also take 20 seconds to respond, the cache would mitigate that, however once the cache expires the first request will still take 20 seconds.

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My website is pretty small, doesn’t have more than 4 images, it’s a single page wordpress portfolio kind of website.

Is there any way I could DM you or something?

I am afraid there is not. All I could offer is that you run a check at and post here the exact time you did so.

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Did just now. Website’s content is all demo. Since my concern is TTFB.

TTFB is really bad for me. TTFB is bad even when I am not having any sort of content on website (default wordpress theme with no content)

The main document loads within 45ms for me and the entire page within about half a second.

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Main Document as in (first line) right?

Where did you check?

Which instance test was it? (first or second or what)

Anything you wish to tell me to improve?

If you see the image below, the time of various locations is bad.

I wouldnt call these bad. Even the 1 second one is not that bad.

It simply might that this service requested the page from PoPs where it hasnt been fully cached yet. You do appear to cache the entire page and the loading time well beyond a second, so there shouldnt be much more to do.

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Okay. Do you think there is some sort of room left at the origin server side to do to improve anything?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

With everything being cached that is hard to tell now. Also, server configurations would be a bit beyond the scope of the forum here.

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