How are you supposed to invite members to Pages?

I don’t understand why cloudflare cant make this simple, clicking on manage members in Pages goes to the members section of the domain and theres ZERO way to figure out which domain scope allows for just pages access. Moreover, if you give a member access to litereally everything it still doesnt work. WHY! We’re just going to go to vercel and pay, huge waste of time dealing with the aws type UI’s.

The problem with domain-scoped roles with Pages is that Pages/Workers projects are at the account level and not the domain level.

I just tried inviting a new user with just “Pages/Workers” access to my account, and it basically didn’t work.

Since you mention giving them access to “literally everything” I can confirm that adding someone as a super admin gives them access to all Pages/Workers projects, as I use that on a daily basis. But, tragically, I see no way to give someone access to just one Pages project.

Thanks for the response. Cant believe cloudflare doesnt support this! So many people would move from vercel

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