How answer to the rgpd question: Where is located your subcontracting

I’m new on RGPD question and i don’t realy anderstand your rgpd docs.
I need to be sure that all data is collected/saved in Europe.

First off, I am not a lawyer. Don’t take your legal advice from some guy on the Internet (with the notable exception of the LPL).

I presume you mean GDPR. Cloudflare relies on their Data Processing Agreement which incorporates the Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure compliance with European and other privacy legislation. They state that they:

believe that our EU customers can use Cloudflare’s services in a manner consistent with GDPR and the Schrems II decision

If you feel you need additional measures (over and above the default), Cloudflare offers a number of additional products, such as the Customer Metadata Boundary.


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