How About GitHub Based Automatic Deployment for Cloudflare Workers?

I like Cloudflare Workers so much how It’s Simple, Fast, & Awesome. The Wrangler CLI is Really good to generate & Developing Locally & also for production Deployments. Now My Web Sites & API’s are built with Workers & Pages.

As Cloudflare Workers are good for Creating APIs, I think there are some things that should be added to make the Experience more Awesome. Some of them are :-

  1. Github Based Deployment
  2. Automatic Deployment when pushing Files
  3. Automated Analytics for Worker Scripts

I like these features so much from Cloudflare Pages & Experienced them in Deno Deploy. Also GitHub Based Automatic Deployment are also Cool for Worker Sites.

You can do that with GitHub Actions + GitHub - cloudflare/wrangler-action: 🧙‍♀️ zero-config cloudflare workers application deployment using wrangler and github actions

I doubt Workers will ever get this but not on that team so can’t speak for them. You can of course do this yourself though with Actions as I mentioned above.

There are analytics for Worker scripts already. It logs request count, timings, etc.
You can find these on the dashboard!

Cloudflare Pages is definitely awesome :wink:
(totally not biased)

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Ok. I will try the Wrangler Github Action. But It will be fun If it’s built-in like Cloudflare Pages to make Deployments simpler & Faster.

Well we do have Pages Functions if you are doing this for a website :wink:

Functions are deployed with your project so they do have GitHub support! Read more here:

Thanks for helping me. I am finally be able to build a simple GitHub Action, it’s tricky though. Taking these kinds of Tedious Jobs from Developers hands is what makes Developers Happier & what makes Developing Apps enjoyable.