Hover fast registrar transfer with "Transfer Keys"

I have initiated the registrar transfer successfully from my prior provider (Hover). I got an email from Hover with a special ‘Transfer Key’ for each domain that Hover says can speed up the transfer process. I can find no way to enter these keys on Cloudflare.

If I can’t enter these keys, Hover says the transfer will continue in 7 days, but I’d like to finish the process earlier if I can.

I’ve not heard of a transfer key that speeds up the process. There’s the first key to initiate the process, and the transfer-out registrar usually has a link or option at their end to give final approval. That’s where the snag is going to be, as Cloudflare is just waiting for Hover to release the domain.

Apologies… I re-read the email more closely and they were just re-sending the first authorization codes to initiate the transfer. They just won’t release the domains for 7 days. Thanks for the fast response!