Hourly "Percent cached" went up to 99.9% after I enabled LogFlare

Hi there, have been trying to figure out CloudFlare for four days only, so please bear with me. For the first four days the “percent cached” in the dashboard was oscillating between 6 and 9 percent (averaged by last 24 hours) and with no visible upward trend which seemed a bit modest but ok for now. But this morning I noticed a visible surge in the percent cached and when I looked at the hourly figures I saw that the hourly percent cached is 99.9% since 8AM local time which is when I enabled LogFlare. The figure is very clearly not true because I see a lot more MISS and DYNAMIC than HIT in my LogFlare dashboard. I don’t recall changing any other settings at that time than enabling LogFlare.
So the question is what is going on? Why are the “percent cached” figures so off with LogFlare? How do I fix that?

Hi Marassa!

Yes this is a Cloudflare bug. Any Cloudflare App with workers will cause the cache chart to do that.

But you can easily access this data via Logflare now. The Logflare query m.response.headers.cf_cache_status:MISS will bring up all your cache misses.

And if you’re on a paid account you can make the same chart with Google Data Studio (or any other dashboarding tool you prefer).

ps: I made Logflare.

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