Hotlink Protection

Hi, I’ve activated Hotlink Protection in the Scrape Shield section, to avoid hotlinking. But how can I know if this protection has had effect? :thinking: Since I have tried some web that offer test on the subject and the image is still accessible. :frowning_face:

It only works against requests coming from other sites. Individuals would still have access.

In other words, HTTP Referers that are not in-zone and not blank will be denied access. Supported file extensions are gif, ico, jpg, jpeg, and png.

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If you have another domain, add an embedded image from the hotlink protected site. Use the full URL in the example below:

Thank you very much for your response.
But it does not have another domain. :frowning_face:

If you post the URL of an image, I can test it out. In fact, that might even be enough to test it out right here. Like:

I want to see if my hotlink protection works or not here.


Looks like it’s working!

Hi. Im just checking if Hotlink works :slight_smile:

Hello again. Myself as well, i have the Hotlink enabled in Cloudflare, but as you can see the image URL from my site is still showing. I acknowledge that Cloudflare blocks websites only from “stealing” your pictures, but how can i ensure that also individuals are also not doing that as well? There are so many codes on the internet with .htaccess but since im not a dev or IT expert, i dont know which one to use. Also, i dont know if the code i will use it will block also my own social media borrowing URLs as well (which of course i dont want that).

Any help/advise/suggestion on the above will be greatly appreciated.


That picture is not hotlinked but was saved by Discourse at There is no way to prevent that.

Thanks Sandro, but what that means? Is AWS using my bandwidth to display this picture? Thats all i care about and want to prevent. I had huge page visits/hits from Russia Federation recently and i want to make sure 1000% that none of my site pictures are Hotlinked.

And also, how can you be sure that this picture is not Hotlinked? How can i check that? I am using this link myself to check but once i add the URL nothing happens!

No, when you link a picture here Discourse will download it and cache it within its system.

Test for hotlink protection on my site

Can you test hotlink misuse for our site ExamTray .
Does this feature block search engines in indexing images in any case?