Hotlink Protection under Scrape Shield

Does having this on prevent people from putting my images on Pinterest??

Most likely. More info here:

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Wait! Does this protection stop google from putting my images in Image Search??

The thread answered that question. I’ve adjusted the link so you can read the entire thread.

Does Cloudflare have any techs who could help me with this Sdayman?

If you’re on a paid plan, you can open a ticket in the dashboard.

How do I know if I have a paid account? My SEO web guy put me on it.

No, no protection will ever protect you from this. You might fill copyright claims and takedown requests, but that’s about it.
However, you can protect content thieving to an extent if the attack vector is powered by bots and automated tools.


I’m afraid you won’t get the response you are expecting, unless you are in the enterprise plan, the support is quite slow.

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jnperamo, I want people to put my images on Pinterest.

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