Hotlink Protection seems block image in the email by using 'web email client'


After activating the ‘Hotlink Protection’, we have noticed a great amount of blocking request
are ‘marketing email image’ hosted on our web site. The top 15 ‘blocked referer’ est mainly the web email hosting service site (Orange, Free, SFR web service).

The marketing email is sent by our service provider ‘MAPP’ to our clients. These email contain a hyperlink to show a image which points to our website.

How could this happened ? What should we do to avoid blocking marketing email image ?

The simplest solution is to put the marketing images into a subfolder called “hotlink-ok”.

You could also build an alternative to the built-in hotline protection using Firewall Rules, or a Worker.

Thanks for the idea.
The inconvient is some image/hyperlink are hosting in the same path for web marketing purpose as the nomal’s client’s web site navigation. Because these images belongs to the same product to sell. We need to block unautorized inline link use, but allow marketing email, external partener’s using inline link.
I would like to know how this issue can happen ? Is it because some web email service use ‘refer http header’ to do the redirection ?

I believe hotline protection blocks requests where the referer header does not match your domain, and is not blank. It’s a blunt instrument. You will have much more control if you use Firewall Rules or Workers.

I suspect that the use of Referrer-Policy: no-referrer or same-origin will make all options difficult to implement reliably.

Thanks again.Finally we have identified the problème occurs when ‘web email client’ download the images in the marketing email. We have put all marketing email images in the same file et bypass the ‘Hotlink Protection’ based on the this ‘path’. Then everything works fine.

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