Hotlink Protection Option not working

I would like to have hotlink protection for my domain. I activated the option in CF; but it doesn’T seems to be working. I’ve cleared my browser cache.

Am I missing a step? I’m on a Ubunutu server with Cyberpanel and Open Litespeed.

What’s the domain?

CleanShot 2022-01-10 at 21.14.44

Your DNS records are not proxied. You need to switch them to :orange:.

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Ok, so the CNAME and the A record, correct?

And it works now, thanks. How do I ensure that google. facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. can hotlink?

These services do not embed your images but serve them locally. For any services which do you could only use a firewall rule to skip that feature for any relevant requests.


I’ve added a firewall rule, but unsure of the syntax (using comma to separate the values) is correct with multiple values. Is this correct? Or would I need to use another “Field” to make sure that no social media gets blocked?

You will need a list of ORs in this case.

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