Hotlink Protection (Create Page Rule or Firewall Rule to Whitelist Folders or Images)

Calling all geniuses. Help needed.

Under Scrape Shield, we have Hotlink Protection ON. This condition is blocking certain images contained in emails received via our webmail client.

We’d like to know if we can create a Hotlink Protection exception for these images (i.e., whitelist them) via a Page Rule or Firewall Rule.

We tried the “hotlink-ok” folder method described under Hotlink Protection Help, but it’s not working.

Useful Info:

By the way, looks like a similar topic was generated a while a go, but no action taken so far to address it.

Thank you!

You can Page Rule that directory to Disable Security:


Thank you! It worked after we modified our Page Rule URL (we added a wildcard *). Specifically:* (redacted)


(1) By disabling security (and not just scrape shield or hotlink protection alone which isn’t available for page rules), aren’t we creating a security hole for our website?

(2) Any thoughts as to why the “hotlink-ok” didn’t work?

Again, thanks!

  1. Valid point. You can try limiting the Page Rule to *.jpg so any risky calls to anything else will be screened.
  2. I’ve used hotlink-ok in the distant past for a newsletter and it worked, but was tedious to manually load images into that directory. It worked. So I don’t know why it’s not working for you. I’d take a look at Dev Tools while visiting webmail, and also see if the block shows up in Firewall Events. And if all else fails, contact Support.

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