Hotlink Don't work

hi, i want to activate the hotlink but my own website is exposed to the hotlink itself
I have 3 websites
A. website image
B. my site
C. my site
but if I turn on the hotlink on site a then b and c are also affected, how do I fix this?

Depending what you want to achieve? Having the same image on your Websites but not allowing others to “copy” them or link directly to your images?

You can enable/disable Hotlink protecetion in Cloudflare.
Moreover, from your writing as I understand your worry, you can use Page Rules or even better, Firewall rules functionality.

Moreover, in short hotlinking is when a website links to an image (or other media file) that is hosted on an external server (i.e. another website) so that the image is embedded into the web page. Websites sometimes do this instead of uploading the image directly, which means they do not actually host the image on their server. When viewing a website, it’s not always immediately clear that an image is hotlinked, because it blends seamlessly into the page.

To recap:

  • Hotlinking is when a website links to and embeds an image (or other media file) that are hosted on an external server (i.e. another website).
  • If an image is hotlinked on a website, that website does not have to use any of its bandwidth; instead, each view uses the bandwidth of the file’s original host.
  • A technical loophole means that hotlinking is not considered copyright infringement.
  • There are still steps you can take to prevent hotlinking and limit the damage.
  • Track your images to better understand how many sites and/or images are involved, and decide how to proceed.
  • In a case of copyright protection, if using WordPress, you can use a WordPress plugin to add a watermark to hotlinked images.
  • Prevent hotlinking by adding a few lines of code to the .htaccess file of your web server or use Cloudflare Hotlink protection as one of the Securty options available
  • Remember to include exceptions so that Google, Facebook, and other search engines and social media sites can access your images via hotlink.

Hopefully about Cloudflare hotlink protection, the link below could help with some more information:

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