Hotjar x cloudflare

Hi my friends. I’ve a problem with HOTJAR x CLOUDFLARE. All times that i do make record in HOTJAR, all images do not show in HOTJAR. I spoke with Suport Hotjar and they said that i need configure Cloudlfare. Do you kown how i will make it?

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Hi @suporte23,

Can you tell which HTTP code is returned for the images that do not appear?

I’m not familiar with Hotjar and haven’t found any reference to this problem in the searches I’ve done (inside and outside Cloudflare) but I found this page with the list of Hotjar’s IPs, so you can configure them as Whitelist through a Firewall Rule - if that’s the case.

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Hi, my friend. Thanks
One of they are http protocol and another is https. Is it?
I don’t understand about IP number and permission.

Hi @suporte23,

I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult for us to help you with this issue since that would require access to Hotjar to see what’s going on.

Maybe you should contact them again and ask about the specific adjustments that should be made.

Thank you my friend, but in Hotjar there is nothing that configures something of this nature.
I’m afraid it’s a problem with cloudflare, don’t allow CSS load in Hotjar.
PS: Interesting that other sites do not have this error, even though they are built on the CMS platform (Wordpress)

Hi @suporte23,
I guess that the issue may be related to your Cloudflare settings and not to Cloudflare itself.

In all the searches I’ve done, I haven’t found a single reference to this kind of problem involving the two platforms.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Hotjar, so I can’t help you with this issue.

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Apologies if I’m misunderstanding the issue at hand, but I’ve a question. Isn’t Hotjar solely an analytics (tracking) company?

Hi. The hotjar is analytics, you are correct, but the principal function is a heatmap

And that heat map, according to Hotjar, is the responsibility of Cloudflare, even though it technically should be visible in your Hotjar dash?

Check below the Hotjar answer: This is stranger

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the confusion!

I took a look at your Recordings and it seems that your CSS files are throwing a 503 error. This typically means that the server that is storing these files is not available or online.

Since you use Cloudflare for your site, can you check with your web developer as to why Cloudflare is not allowing us access? They will be able to do a deep dive for you 😄 I can tell you that the user is for sure not seeing the Recordings the way you are viewing them so no worries for any of your visitors.

Do let me know if you have any questions.

Well, yeah, it makes sense that Cloudflare would deny access to files it serves to third parties without intervention by the first party (you). Good luck, I’d go directly to Cloudflare Support.

My friend, how can i open a ticket in Cloudflare? Apologies

support AT cloudflare DOT com

Thanks, my brother

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I have exactly the same problem. Images in Hotjar recordings are not loading.

@suporte23 Did Cloudflare support get back to you with a resolution for this problem?

Hi @c.roper, that ticket closed without a reply. I suspect you’re best to create a fresh post asking for assistance. Hotjar has only come up a few times on this site and the tickets I’ve reviewed with Support mentioning hotjar are not indicating the same symptoms as this post.