I need help to find info domain owner

Domain use this nameserver and

I need help to find them because its important for me .Beacuse my client is older owner for 15 years and he wan’t domain back i pay for domain and i give owner another domain just please help some body help me ?

You need to contact the current owner of the domain. If you cant find any contact information you could also try

Cloudflare cant help you here I am afraid.

Please sir if i can take back my client want to kill me i pay for this please :sob::sob:

The link not working

If your client did not renew the domain there is nothing you can do. The new owner is the legal registrant and the legal owner. You can make an offer to buy back the domain, thats it.

I know this sir just i need info mail or nr to contact them .

I can’t find any information about new owner to make him offer

You simply fill out the form and wait for them to reply or not reply.

I trie to send message but every time this error show after i click send, and it’s reason why i need help from you to find owner mail to contact them .

That is something you need to take up with They seem to have a temporary issue here. Contact them.

I am sorry, but this really is in no way Cloudflare related.