Hotel WiFi Issues & Cloudflare

Hi I didn’t even know cloudflare existed until a few days ago. I was playing league of legends in my hotel room on their WiFi and suddenly it kicked me out of my session and league refuses to reopen because of server connection.

After I wasn’t able to open it I went to google some issues and was met with a cloudflare challenge for nearly every website I opened. Both on my phone and laptop I’m connected to the hotel WiFi and noticed after thinking I had a virus for an hour. That When I connected to my personal hotspot I have none of these issues and can run league so it’s defiantly the WiFi.

Someone told me the WiFi is flagged for malicious activity like pirating or dark web stuff. I can run certain websites and games just fine but I’d like to be able to use the Internet normally and open league mostly. Which I can’t. The websites mess up after I solve the challenge and league refuses to open on the WiFi.

Would really like some help on how to fix this.

A side note. I have malwarebytes free service and have tried uninstalling it and using the WiFi, didn’t worked and reinstalling as well and running a diagnostic which didn’t show anything.

Hi @Kuro,

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do if you have no control over the network.

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