Hot Link Protection And Pinterest?

Does having this enabled mean people can’t put images from my website on Pinterest? I want my images on there is why I ask this

You can turn on hotlink protection then create a firewall rule to bypass hotlink protection for Pinterest.

Can you explain how I’d do that Jake?

You are going to want to go Firewall Rules in the dashboard and create a new firewall rule. It will look something like

This means that if the referer contains Pinterest then it will bypass Hotlink Protection.

right on Jake! Say, I had that HLink protection on but I see some of my images being used, how are they able to do that?

Pinterest crawls sites and downloads the images, so they’re not hotlinking. I don’t know how people add images to Pinterest, but if they alert Pinterest to your site, it’s probably crawled for the relevant image(s).

I don’t know about that Sdayman all the pins I see are by people.

And when I look at Pinterest, all the images are hosted by Pinterest. They’re not hotlinked.


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