Hosts file

Is any way to use large hosts file or hosts url (for example: with Cloudflare for Teams?

What comes to my mind is to use the Lists:

Your lists can include up to 5,000 entries for Enterprise subscriptions and 1,000 for Standard subscriptions. A CSV file containing a list of URLs or hostnames must be smaller than 2 MB.

But, your list contains way much more than 1000 items per list (combined into 2MB) per .csv file for the upload. If you could split this, I think it could be possible.

Therefore, you might want to create a Policy for the request(s) with the “block” action as if host is in the list(s) for filtering.

Does it get updated daily or via the API maybe, how so? Just thinking of making some connection using the Cloudflare API to add them automatically, in this case …

I haven’t tried it yet so much, so I might be going wrong way of thinking and getting an idea “how-to”.

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It updates daily… If I split it, it will be too much (1000+) files…