Hostname which I owned is managed in other Cloudflare account is causing problem

Hello Community,

I got many support from you and looking for the support again for this issue.

I have a hostname/dns record as “”. I added this record in to another system called Helpkit which use as it’s PAAS provider as a custom domain.

Now the page rules(redirections) from my Cloudflare account does not work. I got a reply from Cloudflare support like below,

“The issue here is that this hostname is still managed by a service provider that uses our SSL for SaaS solution. You will need to contact this service provider, and ask them to delete the hostname from their system.”

However, removing the hostname/dns record from their system will not work for us due to custom domain setup. Since the page rules/redirections does not work at the moment, what are other options I can try to resolve this issue.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

So are you saying you still want to use that provider?

If so, you are not able to layer Cloudflare setups and therefore your configurations will not work. You’ll need to see if they can configure it on their setup.

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