Hostname for router login

There is likely a simple explanation for this and I either just don’t know what to search for or…don’t know what to search for.

I have public hostnames set up for a few internal services through my Cloudflare Tunnel. I am attempting to set one up for my router login since I have to use an ISP-provided router and they don’t offer a remote login option.

To get to the router login page I would type, for example, which would then resolve to .

When I create a hostname with with type:HTTP to resolve to router.mysite.mydomain it will successfully create but then when I try to go to router.mysite.mydomain I get a Cloudflare Bad Gateway page.

Alternatively, when I try to create a hostname with also with type:HTTP I will receive the error on the dashboard:

What’s the explanation here of this might not be working? Thanks!