Hostinger & Cloudflare DNS

I have 2 websites connected to Cloudflare.
One of these websites has DNS hosted by a partner (Hostinger), and the other has Cloudflare DNS records, even though both of these websites are managed by Hostinger.
Is there a way to make the second website’s DNS hosted by Hostinger as well? I encountered e-mail issues with the website’s DNS managed by Cloudflare and on Hostinger I can have all of the DNS records automatically set up and working
So far, I think I managed to bring back the Hostinger DNS to the second website by changing the nameservers, but the records on Cloudflare are still there and I do not know now which are actually in use

Thanks in advance

This means you’ve set to the default ones of hostinger. I assume that’s right.

Propagation time needs to be considered. Use this tool to see the update:

Checked that and it doesn’t say much as the majority of records overlap and e.g., CNAME record was not found even though I have it set up on both Hostinger and Cloudflare.

You’re specifically looking for the NS records using that tool, not a CNAME or A record. If the NS include cloudflare somewhere in them then things are still pointed to Cloudflare, otherwise they’re using Hostinger.

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Okay, thank you for clarification, it is using Hostinger then
Does it mean that I could delete all the records from Cloudflare or is it not neccessary?

Make sure your site is running fine without it at first.