Hostinger, Cloudflare, and Etsy

I’ve searched for a solution to this problem until my fingers were about to fall off and I am having no success. I am also completely stupid when it comes to anything technical which doesn’t help.

My domain is located or owned or whatever by Hostinger. I had transferred my domain from Shopify to Weebly/Square and then decided I didn’t want a commerce website of my own and switched to Etsy. So then I transferred my domain to Hostinger thinking I could easily redirect it to Etsy. No such luck. I would have to pay for hosting to be able to redirect directly on Hostinger. So they suggested I involve Cloudflare.

I have changed the Hostinger nameservers to the Cloudflare nameservers because I was told this would point my domain from Hostinger to Cloudflare (I think?) and the people at Hostinger do say that my domain is pointed to Cloudflare. I hope “pointed” is the correct term.

Then on Cloudflare I tried to create a page rule that redirected my domain to my Etsy shop but to absolutely no success. I’ve cleared my cache and browsing history as well as used multiple different browsers and waited over 48 hours for the page rules to maybe take effect but it’s been over 2 weeks and it still doesn’t work.

The worst part is that Hostinger will not release my domain for 60 days for me to try and transfer it somewhere else, like Google Domains so I have to try and get this redirect to work for now.

What am I doing wrong? What step am I missing?

Hi there,

It is difficult to advise without being able to look at the specific domain name, if you can share that we can do a quick check to see if there is any obvious misconfiguration?

From the sounds of it, you have moved to Cloudflare as your authoritative DNS provider and the zone is actively using Cloudflare. You should be able to tell by looking at the IP address/HTTP response headers to see if you are seeing Cloudflare IP’s or HTTP response headers being returned.

If you are seeing Cloudflare information in the IP/HTTP headers, then this is a sign that there is likely a misconfiguration in your page rules - as our proxy is working and zone is actively using Cloudflare, if your not seeing Cloudflare information for the IP address/HTTP headers, then the zone has not been correctly onboarded on Cloudflare.

You can use your command prompt to run ‘ping and then take the IP address it resolves to and use a tool like IP WHOIS Lookup to see if this is a Cloudflare IP address that is being returned.

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Hi Damian!

So the domain I own is avenuecute . Com and I am trying to forward it to either Etsy . Com/ shop / Avenuecutestore or avenuecutestore .Etsy .com

(Sorry for the spaces, I got an email saying I can’t send links in these replies)

I will definitely try pinging the domain when I get home but as for the response headers, I’m not entirely sure what that means so I wasn’t sure what to do regarding that, I apologize.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Your domain is still using Shopify. Please use the “Liberate the Hostname” tip from this tutorial to fix that. Do it twice: once for, and once for

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So I’ve reached out to Shopify and they stated my domain was successfully sent to Hostinger. I also closed my Shopify completely so there’s no way for me to log back in but I did check with them and they said they no longer have the domain through them. Hostinger even stated that they do have my domain with them and it isn’t with Shopify.

The fact that your site still shows a Shopify error page suggests otherwise.

Unfortunately Shopify do not remove your domain from their Cloudflare configuration when you do this, this is why you need to follow the tutorial @sdayman shared above.

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I think I got it! I put all this information into the Cloudflare DNS records and not the Hostinger and it changed from “Pending” to “active”!

It worked! My domain finallyu redirects to my Etsy shop!!!



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