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I am completely new to Cloudflare and website hosting as you can tell from the following question. Hostinger provides a SSL certificate and DDOS protection in their hosting plan. Now, I want to integrate the Cloudflare CDN by switching nameservers. I noticed Cloudflare offering SSL and DDOS protection within this service just like Hostinger. So, do I have these two services twice now (once from Hostinger & once from Cloudflare) or is this somehow sensible.

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The services won’t be duplicated. You’ll only be able to use the DDoS services depending on where your name servers are pointing. For example, if your name servers are pointing towards Cloudflare, you would then be able to use their DDoS protection.

I’m not familiar with Hostingers SSL offering, but normally you should be able to use it in combination with Cloudflare. It will be used to encrypt communications from your Hostinger web server to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will then give you a certificate for traffic from Cloudflare to your visitor.

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Thank you for replying!
So, this means that the Hostinger SSL and DDoS protection become useless when the nameservers are changed to Cloudflare, correct? In this case, are the Cloudflare SSL and DDoS protection on par or even better than on Hostinger, so that a change in namservers would make sense (disregarding CDN)?

You can make use of the Hostinger SSL when you switch over to Cloudflare. Your Hostinger SSL certificate will be used to encrypt communications from your Hostinger web server to Cloudflare‘s servers and then Cloudflare will issue you another certificate that visitors will be able to see and it’ll encrypt communications from Cloudflare to them.

The Hostinger DDoS protection won’t be needed as connections will be made through Cloudflare when set to proxy mode (orange cloud within your DNS editor)

I’d say that due to Cloudflares network size and capabilities that their DDoS protections should be better than Hostingers offerings. For the SSL certificate, it doesn’t really matter too much and they’ll both be the same.

I hope that makes sense? Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Just to emphasise, the certificate on the server is not optional. You always need a server certificate.


Hello aliistair, thank you very much for taking the time and explaining the process in a simple way. Based on that, I will use Cloudflare for my Hostinger hosting.
Have a great day!

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