Hosting transfer with SSL installed


can i ask help whats the best way to transfer my current site to another hosting. My current hosting is on hostgator and i want to transfer it to another hosting. My domain is used cloudflare for the DNS.

Currently on my cloudflare account the SSL is set to Full (strict). I also have created Origin server certificate.

So when i tried to change the current IP in my cloudflare to the new IP of the hosting i got certificate error. I did alot of troubleshoot like plugins, htaccess etc… but i think i messed it alot and i think my method is not the correct way… Can anyone suggest what should i am doing first.

Thank you so much

A good place to start is with “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page. That way you can get your site up and running on the new server with HTTPS before turning Cloudflare back on again. Your browser will show a certificate error, but you should at least see that it’s the Cloudflare origin certificate which will work once you re-enable Cloudflare.

Ok thank you for that first step. Does .htaccess on my wordpress will also cause some issues?

Not likely. It should work the same on the new server.

thank you all good now… i got an issue with the PHP settings inside the .htaccess so i figured that… then after i fixed it i just reenable cloudlfare and all good now thanks :wink:

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