Hosting several websites and needing to offer SSL on any new domain added

We are a company that serves websites to our customers and we want to improve the process used to assign SSL certificates to our customer´s websites. We want to implement a process similar as WIX process where customers point their domain to WIX servers and WIX assigns the ssl. I´m pretty sure we can do it using cloudflare, any developer who wants to help?


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If you want Cloudflare just for SSL, then stop right now, because that can’t work. Cloudflare is a proxy and still need a certificate on your server. So you still need to properly configure SSL anyhow.

Or would you want to use it for something else?

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I’m not sure if I understand right, but if you want to serve many SSLs to your customers, I think SSL for SaaS providers might be an option. However, I’m just taking a blind shot here.

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I believe this is what he want, but looks like he is looking for a developer to do this.

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This will only allow to proxy proxied hosts, the OP still needs a certificate and it seem that is what he wants to avoid.

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Flexible SSL flashbacks, oh no …:fearful:


Is there anything else?

And you just mentioned It-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named :smile:

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Thanks for your responses, let me explain better the solution I´m looking.

We are a company that dynamically builds websites for our real estate clients. Basically our clients buy our service and we serve them a website connected to the mls automatically and easily. The problem is we have been doing this in such one by one way, but our business has been growing and is no longer sustainable, we need something automatic. For example, WIX, Shopify and others, provide websites and when their clients point theirs DNS to them, these services immediately provide ssl, how do they do it?

Once more.

Are you planning to have valid certificates for your customers on your servers?

SSL for SaaS is definitely something you are looking for, provided that the certificate is also properly configured in your server and the SNI setting in “SSL for SaaS” matches your certificate in your server too.

Do you know a developer who can help us with this project?

I don’t have an answer for that, and this forum might not be a suitable place to look for freelancer/developers.

For the third time.

I believe this question should pass to the “future” developer who will work on the SSL for SaaS feature.

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The developer can only work with the provided infrastructure and considering that the OP keeps avoiding the question, I assume we can already imagine that “infrastructure”. Welcome to the 90s.

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I’m afraid that the project you are proposing isn’t in a stage where CF is beneficial. You need somebody to engineer everything first and then determine whether if CF could help or not.

I’m not confident that a solo developer is a perfect fit for this as the project can quickly escalate in complexity, and the number of skillsets required is more suitable for a team.
Anyways, this is not a place for hire; I’m afraid you won’t get help nor advice in that regard.

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I do think Cloudflare can solve this issue for you, but as you’ve mentioned it is neither simple or easy. I believe the solution lies using CF’s root certs and their API.

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