Hosting service hired with GoDaddy, So no credentials for the CloudFlare account

I purchased the domain and hosting service through GoDaddy for my website
But now I need to set up the MX records for Gmail and they (GoDaddy Help desk) tell me that the website is being hosted on CloudFlare servers therefore I have to do it from CloudFlare account with the CloudFlare credentials… But I dont have those.
I created this account to be able to ask this question, but of course, this email address has nothing to do with the website or domain.
I asked to retrieve the email address linked to the web address hosted in the servers, but nothing has reached me, so I imagine that the CloudFlare account (if there is one) does not match the email address of the GoDaddy account
The first thing I did was contact them, since I imagined that if I did not have an account, they would be the ones who would have access. But they don’t! I have already spoken with 4 assistants and they have all told me to ask you or that I should go from CloudFlare to their servers. To be honest, I don’t know why I’m here to begin with.
What can I do?

Hi @lalolanda134679,

That is a tricky situation! Can you share the domain name here?

It is very unlikely that Cloudflare are hosting the site, since they just offer static site hosting aimed at developers.

However, it’s entirely possible that the site is using Cloudflare DNS and that is where you would need to update the MX records.

Was your site set up by a developer who may have the Cloudflare credentials that you could get hold of, at all?

If not, you would either need to move away from Cloudflare to use another DNS (such as GoDaddy’s) or move your site to a new Cloudflare account (yours).



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The site was set up entirely by someone who knew just a little about about networking or development alongside with GoDaddy Helpdesk

As @domjh said, if you can get a hold of that person, it’d would really help. Otherwise, you’ll have to move your DNS to a different account here or elsewhere.


That’s the thing, that person doesnt have the credentials of the CloudFlare account… says no one never gave it to him.
Is there a way for CloudFlare to validate my identity or at least identify the link between their accounts and a third-party’s? The people at GoDaddy told me that they were going to notify CouldFlare about this issue, but at this point I dont know if they were telling me that just so I wouldn’t bother anymore

No, sorry. If you don’t have access to the email address on the account, Cloudflare will not give you access to the account.

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