Hosting Server Whit Centos Web Panel protected by cloudflare

Hello everyone, I want to ask a question, I hope you can clear my doubt. The issue is the following, I am about to set up a hosting server with centos web panel, emails and web pages.
The issue is how to protect, if possible, the public IPS of the cwp with cloudflare.
I don’t know how you can ensure that when the DNS records are created in the CWP, they are automatically created in Cloudflare. The idea is that Cloudflare be my nameservers.
But the question is whether I can protect the main domain with cloudflare, how do I ensure that when a client creates a new domain in the cwp it is created and protected with cloudflare.
I understand that the cwp also has to have and manage its own DNS records, the resolution does not work if I use a proxy, I also tried using a tunnel so that it is not necessary to expose public ones, but it also does not leave you the option of having DNS queries pass through the tunnels.
I would like to know if someone can enlighten me on this topic. To summarize the idea would be to set up a hosting server with cwp and protect it with cloudflare but I don’t understand how to achieve it, if a paid function is necessary, I have no problem acquiring it but I want to know what it is and how to implement it.

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