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Note: I am not a web developer (my developer is away at the moment). I have my own website and know a bit of tech stuff but not much:). I tried to do a backup of my website earlier (using the plugin Updraft Plus)-which I have been using for years. However, I received an error message of sorts this AM suggesting the problem was with my hosting server “are you sure you have the correct username/password”? etc. So I contacted my hosting company UK2 and when they looked into things, they said: "The server IP address you have with us is X, however, Your domain name is not pointed to our server at the moment. For your domain name X to be hosted on our server and to connect to it. Your domain name X will need to be pointed to the server you have with us in which the IP address of the server is X

However, you will not be perform the backup at the moment as your domain name is pointed to the IP addresses X and X shown on the link i’ve sent you above. Therefore, to correct this. You will need to get in touch with Cloudflare (as your Nameservers are pointed there and alter the DNS A record of your domain name X to be pointed X. Once you have done that, give it within 2-24hrs to propagate and then try backup the website again" and

"The website is currently not hosted on UK2, as your DNS A record is pointing elsewhere. Please, follow the instructions above to correct it. I am completely perplexed because I have had the Cloudflare plugin installed in my WP for years and this is the first I’ve heard that UK2 are not hosting my site because my site is pointing to Cloudflare’s server (whatever the correct term is). I am paying a substantial amount to UK2/year for them to host my site so none of this makes sense to me. I need to better understand the implications of doing as they suggest, and pointing my site to their IP address-what impact will that have on Cloudflare’s performance/function on my site?

I look forward to any guidance you can offer. Thanks in advance.

Hello, and welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

Let me start off and say: That’s incorrect!

Your site needs to be pointing toward Cloudflare!

Propagating NS (Nameservers)/DNS records can take 48-72 hours

Also see: Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”

Is the issue with your website or your developer’s website?

If it’s relating to your developer’s website: YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS to the account! Otherwise, we can’t help you!

Other than what I listed above, I’m confused.

UK2 I don’t understand, is that a zone or something?

Also, could you post a screenshot of any error?


Hi AppleSlayer,

Many thanks for your reply. So, first of all-I’m talking about my site-not my developer’s website. UK2 is a hosting company.

I’m actually in email correspondence with the Cloudflare support team so I am going to see what they say and will let you know if I need further help.

Thanks very much!

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Hi @cbtcanarywharf were you able to act on the feedback you received from the Support team? Do you have other questions about how to :grey:?

Hi Cloonan,

I actually received an email from the Support Team of the plugin I was having problems with and they wrote: “I have also unblocked your website IP address from our end to make sure the issue is not coming from our side”. So I am only left to assume that what they meant was they added the Cloudflare IP address, because after I received their email, I tried a backup again and it worked!

I have written to them asking if that is what they meant, because I need to understand what is going on. From what I understand, the company who host my website have their own IP addresses, but because I am using Cloudflare, my site points to Cloudflare’s IP address; in fact, the company (UK2) also emailed me (which I just picked up this morning) and they wrote:

“I just wanted to confirm with you that your website is currently hosted with us however as you’re using Cloudflare all traffic that comes to your website goes via Cloudflare first and then comes to the IP address/website you have with us on your UK2 hosting plan”.

So, is it possible that the backup Plugin wasn’t recognising the Cloudflare IP address?

I am waiting to hear back from the backup plugin company to confirm this for me.

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