Hosting server on own network

I plan on purchasing a web domain and hosting it on my own network. I should be able to use Cloud Flare to prevent people from seeing the ip address of my own network correct?

Is your own network publicly accessible?

Cloudflare will proxy traffic to your website, but it’s difficult to stop people from seeing that IP address. But you can firewall off web traffic that doesn’t come through

Well the whole point of using Cloud Flare was to prevent people who had the domain couldn’t do an nslookup, whois look up, ect. to get the ip address of my network as it would be the same ip address I would be using to search the web. Is there any alternatives or a way to eliminate that completely while still hosting it on my own internet?

Not really. The main point is to increase performance and security. Neither in absolute terms.

Note that if you’re hosting email on that server, it has to be exposed. So let’s assume you’re not doing that. You can use Argo Tunnel to initiate the connection to Cloudflare, then completely block off your server from everything.

See I originally thought Cloud flare was just a proxy so that People connecting to my server would connect to Cloud flare’s server and Cloud flare would connect to my server preventing anyone getting my ip. It being a proxy.

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