Hosting resource on Cloudflare

Hi! I want to know how can I move my resource over Cloudflare, as based on the report in GTmetrix and Pingdom, most of the resource are still coming from my website. What should I do?

Ok I should restate my question. How can I make Cloudflare cache the resource I want? I know this can be achieved by page rules and I have set up one accordingly. However, according to the report on, those resources are still not cached by Cloudflare.

Page rule that I have created:

looks like your site using Cloudflare improperly
only your WWW version using Cloudflare, but its getting redirect to non www which does not use


Ah I see. I was using Cloudflare from my host and I don’t have access to DNS setting. After I set up Cloudflare directly on their site, it works perfect now!:grinning:

If I am directing all my traffic to Non-WWW, Do I need to cover the WWW version by making a DNS setting there as well?

Thank you so much for your help!

Now it is the other way round and www points to the origin.

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