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There are so few sites that I trust to answer this question. Cloudflare forum may flag this as off topic and not open for discussion. I really would like a honest opinion. Most on-line reviews are so obviously biased they can not be trusted.

I am currently hosting 3 websites on GoDaddy. I have been there for 8-10 years. The quality of their support has gone seriously down hill over the past couple years. It seems they sometimes cause major problems, and then try to pressure me to upgrade to get it resolved. SAD, I was their biggest fan/promoter. I am still haapy and bragging about Cloudflare-- so I really would like “your” opinion/discussion.

Sorry for the long intro….

I am up for renewal in April and looking for options. My sites are 100% personal, not money making and Not complicated. I host House Concerts at a loss and my wife is a writer/editor and this is her contact page.

I found a deal on iBrave Cloud Web Hosting–lifetime (Stacks Social) . The reviews seem good. Anyone able to give a non-biased opinion on hosting…. With cost being a major factor. Anyone have experience with iBrave? I am willing to host with Cloudflare if there is an affordable option for 3 sites.

My websites are all WordPress, single page, using Themify.

Thanks in advance…

I understand that it can be frustrating to look for hosting as most reviews will be biased or paid :sweat_smile:.
If you are up for a small challenge, I would suggest trying a small server to host all your sites, it might seem complicated at first, but it’s likely going to save you a headache or two. Some cloud providers like AWS, Azure, etc, have a free tier that might be enough to host your sites.

I can’t comment on shared hosting because I haven’t used one myself in ~8 years, and when I did, there were more problems than solutions to anything that popped up. Shared hostings are cheap because they cut on many corners (support, hardware/infrastructure, etc.); however, I can see their pricing appealing if you use them for personal websites.
My take with shared hostings, as a whole, is that they are great until something goes wrong; I believe that this will occur with any cheap provider.


Thanks… I watched a few Youtube video walk-throughs to set up a website using AWS. It seems like it is something I can do… I am an advanced Novis at best. I depend on Youtube and forums to figure most things out. Cost is a big factor in my decision. It is a personal website to promote a House Concert. It is not a money-making venture. I try to control my losses.

Will I be able to find/get “support” or advice for a site hosted on AWS? As bad as GoDaddy is, and their support has gone down over the years, they still are some degree of support.

Most/All of my recent problems were issues that just happened— not something I did or error I introduced. I use Cloudflare for the free SSl Cert, but that makes GoDaddy blame everything on Cloudflare. Godaddy’s SSL fees are crazy.

No, the “cool” part about what I suggested is that you’d be the one managing your website; if something went wrong, you could fix it yourself.
At the same time, if something goes wrong most of the time, you’d be at fault. If you make a 1-time setup properly, things shouldn’t break.

Yeah, this doesn’t make much sense, maybe two decades ago, but now it’s hilarious to see businesses trying to sell SSL certificates.


I think I will give it a try. I can buy another domain name to practice and if all goes well, will migrate my site to AWS. I saw a few Plug-ins that seemed to make it easy.

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