Hosting Provider SSL and CloudFlare SSL

Hi Guys,
Do I have to use Cloudflare universal SSL to benefit from the CDN and security (Full
Encryption to origin server)? my domain is registered with Cloudflare and my hosting provider installed SSL for me. Im not sure which one to use.

Sorry, I mean > TLS certificate (full encryption to origin server)

Depending on what kind of account you have, you could look into using a custom certificate. Please see this link here on custom certificates.. This is an enterprise feature.

You can still benefit from Cloudflare CDN and security without a custom certificate. Go to SSL/TLS and generate a new origin certificate. You can install this on your server and select Full mode to get end-to- end encryption from client -> cloudflare -> origin.

Depending on your hosting provider, you may have to disable the SSL configuration on that account to avoid conflicts with Cloudflare.

There are only a handful of exceptions when you are not using Universal SSL, apart from them you will always have to use it. But you also need a valid certificate on your server.

Also, you should not use Full but only Full Strict. If you do not, you have an insecure site with no proper encryption. Essentially, make sure your site is loading fine on SSL without Cloudflare, then it will also work fine on Cloudflare.

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