Hosting provider refusing to change NS


Preety much sums it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Il see with my client, host is probably ripping him off on hosting, never asked how much he pays…

Thx for help guys :slight_smile:


Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating to deal with such things. To be fair though, in this particular context it might really depend on what was agreed. If that is a managed service I could somewhat understand their reluctance to comply with the request. If something goes wrong DNS-wise people might blame them even though it is out of their control.


Just to let you know @shimi, it is not just that your profile is hidden that means that people can’t PM you (though that would make it hard to find!!!)… I believe only Mods (i.e. staff) can start a DM conversation.


Thanks @domjh, made it public. I don’t recall setting it to hidden, maybe it’s default? Maybe I forgot. Not that I understand why profile being hidden is supposed to block people from being able to message me. Knowing when I’m online or my bio? Sure, but message me? don’t get it. Anyway, offtopic. I would ask you to DM me to continue this conversation, but… :slight_smile:


I don’t think it is default… But it could be! Having a private profile doesn’t stop people sending a DM to you, it just means they assume that is the reason they can’t!

They are disabled on this forum for all but mods!

But anyway… Yes, off topic!!


Hi @ElWizardo, really sorry for the trouble you’re facing changing the name servers, that is just not right.

(Also, I wanted to confirm, anyone can reply to direct messages, but you need a trust level of 4 to start a private direct message thread,)

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