Hosting provider refusing to change NS

Hi, hosting provider refuses to change their NS to Cloudflare NS i got in my dashboard, is there anything i can do ?

Change hosting provider?

I wish, its for a client of mine, and hes not eager to do so… Thats why im asking, if there is any other way to get CF to work without actual NS change, i can add CNAME, A, TXT records

You’d need a Business plan to do so. All other plans require a change of nameservers.

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Ouch :confused:

Oh well, thx for info tho.

I think you mean Business :wink:


I do :wink:

Well, actually I didnt as I thought it was Enterprise-only. Mea culpa :blush:


Changing the nameservers happens in the registrar, not in your hosting provider (it could be the same company, though). Choosing your own nameservers is something I have rarely seen forbidden - Cloudflare as registrar is almost a first - I had experience with .tel domains, where it was a “full service” domain, i.e. you couldn’t really use it as a domain - but that’s about it.

Are you saying that in your domain registration configuration panel, there’s no place to change your nameservers?

I know right… never heard before either… admin of hosting company went preety bonkers, like, no no no, we dont allow that, bla bla, and im like, its a standard thing… but he was having non of it…

Host has a cpanel, which has under domain options following, of non have DNS option…

Domains, subdomains, redirects, zone editor.

In zone editor i can only tweak records.

Funny thing is in that version of cpanel, there is Cloudflare integration (which ofc doesnt work) and i asked admin, if they wont allow NS change, why they have CF integration, and they are like, well we outsource that cpanel integration from another company… then he closed support ticket…

But is the domain hosting also the domain registrar?

Can you share the domain name?

Not sure tho, how could i check ?

By domain name, you mean actual website address ?

Yes. If you tell the website address (you can over Direct Message, if you want…), I can check who is the registrar (you can of course, too, by going to

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Stupid question, how do i DM ? :smiley: I can only see messages i received, but no button to send…

Not stupid at all… I always assumed it is possible because I saw people suggesting other people to do it, I am not sure however if it’s available for new users. Googling for it (this community is based on the “discourse” system), it seems that if you click my name, there should be a “message” button there. I know I have it enabled in my settings, from the looks of it. If you don’t have it, I can write my e-mail address and then remove it later.

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ok, sent you an e-mail… you can withdraw the message with yours…

you actually have to remove the message (withdraw), because the edit history can be seen.

OK, so this is the address of your registrar: - is that the site in which you try to update the DNS servers? It is a different name from the one you wrote to me about in e-mail.

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This is what admin wrote me

Cpanel is delivered through our collaborator ProISP. We have never advocated to support Cloudflare.

As long as we are administrator we will not allow to change NS. If the customer wants Cloudflare NS they need to administrative the domain them self. It is that simple.

That’s a pretty bad website host. Also not great of them to decide to outsource the CPanel integration while at the same time not caring what apps the integrator decides to install in the panel themselves.

I recommend changing hosts, registrars, or both.

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You are 100% correct, but its not my decision unfortunately… If it was, i would ditch them the moment they refused NS change (this feud was over 2 hours long and dozen emails long… )

I dont think you have many other options. You can either - as I suggested in my first response - change the host or stay with that host and play by their rules, which would rule out Cloudflare.

A third option might be to go straight for the registrar (assuming the host IS not the registrar) but I’d doubt the host would keep you as a customer in that case.