Hosting Provider in NLD supporting Cloudflare

In my home country, the Netherlands it is hard to find a good ISP supporting Cloudflare. My new ISP Cloud86 don’t want to set the DS record for DNSSEC using Cloudflare and I switched because my old ISP don’t want to support Cloudflare.

Any suggestion for an ISP in the Netherlands supporting Cloudflare is welcome

It is not clear what the problem is?

Is the only issue that your Registrar will not install the DS records? If so, what is the TLD (.com, .nl etc.). Who is your current Registrar. (The registrar might not be the same as your Hosting Provider, and is probably not the same as your ISP).

Hi Michael,

Thakns for your reply,

My issue is that I am looking for an ISP in the Netherlands supporting Cloudflare. Meanwhile my present ISP has helped me to add the DS records.

So for the moment I am happy with my new ISP

Kind regards