Hosting Provider Changed Server, New IP Address Issue

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to contact the cloudflare support about this issue for about a week, but nobody has responded yet. Maybe there is somebody here that can help me out.

My website is currently down, because my hosting provider siteground has changed their server. They’ve sent me an email address with a new IP address and told me to contact Cloudflare and update the IP address in Cloudflare.

I honestly have no idea how to do it and can’t reach the CF support right now. - I could probably try and mess with the settings but I don’t want to screw it up even more.

Anybody who can walk me through the process or help me out?


1 - Login in your cloudflare account >> DNS:

2 - Check for A record and replace the old IP address with the new one

Thanks for the answer. This is how my DNS records look like [picture attached]. There are a bunch of A records.

Do I need to replace the old IP address for all the A records?

Yes, likely its the same IP in all records, replace with the new one.
But the most important to the site come up is the first one.

If they all point to the same IP pls use CNAME Entrys for all Subdomains, which are pointing to the same IP. Thats what thei are made for.

Then you just have to change one IP and all others are getting changed automatically.

Thank you very much! Problem solved and website is up again! ;))

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