Hosting provider block?

Not sure if this is the right place or not but I can’t seem to find answers or get responses anywhere. Appreciate any assistance.

I own a hosting company on AWS and we have a lot of customers using CloudFlare for various reasons. We’re experiencing a very odd issue with all of these sites.

Sites provision fine on mobile and desktop, however when you are off WiFi sites show a Not Found error on mobile. Maybe it’s happening on Desktop off WiFi as well but that’s more difficult to test. This has been tested on AT&T and Verizon networks both.

I’m wondering if there is some type of blacklist on DNS records pointing to us, etc? It’s not a setting in the individual accounts it’s something system-wide between CF and us.

Can you share the name of the domains in question?

Here are 3 -,

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I will troubleshoot desktop with mobile connection, but on mobile device and network I can reproduce the issue. If you pause cloudflare, do the symptoms change?

Is there a difference between pausing CloudFlare and not using it? I have 1,000’s of customers not using CF that are not experiencing this issue.

It’s a little different, if you paused we are only resolving dns. For sites not on cf we are not the dns resolver nor the proxy. It’s a good way to troubleshoot if an issue is seen only when using cf.

Not certain if you made recent changes to the first two sites, but a real mixed bag of results: - not paused & I can now access on mobile device & network - not paused & I can now access on mobile device & network - paused & I can access on mobile device & network

You can resume cloudflare on

You might check again. The first two still do not resolve. DOES resolve now that it’s paused. Seems to confirm a conflict with CF and our services.

First two still load for me, if they are not loading perhaps clear cache or try from different browser.

Have tried on multiple devices in multiple locations., and are a few more

3 for 3 loading ok on mobile device and network.

WITH WiFi turned off?

bc I literally just walked up to a total stranger on the streets and checked on his device and all were throwing Not Found at me.

Y, wifi off on mobile, those all work ok too.

ditto, just did the same for bpfna and it loaded fine for them as well. We should loop in support AT cloudflare DOT com to see if they can diagnose an issue. Please share your ticket number here.


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Thank you, can you reply back to the auto reply you received and let the engineer know you’re still having an issue?

I see the reply. Support will only be able to assist you on domains associated with your email account, you may want to let them know about which domain you are asking about.

If other users are having an issue with domains in their account, they will need to notify support.

I think and are under my email account in the system, in case you need my input.

By the way, I am also having the issue (I work with Byron) and I just used my iPhone as a hotspot for my laptop with wifi turned off and the site ( did not load.

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Curious, are all the mobile devices you’ve tried/are trying ios devices?

Good question. I will need to ask some of our customers who are reporting the issue but all the devices I’ve tested are ios.