Hosting Platform?

How can i find out what “hosting platform” i am using here for my website? I need to see if its word press or C panel?

Cloudflare is simply a proxy/dns management service. They do not do hosting of websites. You will need to find that elsewhere

I was told by go daddy that cloudflare is indeed the host. in order for me to transfer everything to them they need to know if its a word press or c panel platform hosting my website…

Some of their support staff aren’t very knowledgable. As already mentioned, Cloudflare does not host WordPress or cPanel. With such a bad start, I suggest you avoid GoDaddy.

Do you have a Cloudflare account? If you post the domain name, we may be able to point you in the right direction.


hi . ok thanks for clarifying. im just learning all of this.

i do have a cloudflare account and my domain is

appreciate your help!

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Your domain is currently using GoDaddy name servers and Google hosting, but before you started using Cloudflare, it looks like your site may have been hosted by 1&1.

Yes it was hosted by one and one. I’m unsure how it went to google hosting. What am i using cloudflare for now?

At this point, nothing. But when you were using Cloudflare’s name servers, Cloudflare would proxy your traffic to protect your server and speed up content delivery.

oh ok. i assume you work for cloudflare? thanks for your help

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Nope. I’m just a customer who has been around for a while. You’re welcome.


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