Hosting needs for pagerule 301

This might be a simple question. I currently have hosting with a company and that is also where my domains are registered. I have used Cloudflare to take both domains and point them to my Instagram account/linked in the account (respectively) vs. my website hosting. We no longer need the websites and this type of interaction is preferred.

My question is, can I transfer my domains to Cloudflare and then cancel my current host/domain registrar? Basically, I do not need hosting for this to all work as I have already set it up in my Cloudflare account currently… is this a correct assumption?

You can certainly transfer your domain registration to Cloudflare, or just have your current registrar change the name servers. Then you just set the name servers to Cloudflare, then use Page Rules such as this:

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Thank you for the responce Sdayman, I actually have done that step and am happy with the results. The question I have is currently the site domain and hosting is at a company and if I move my domains to Cloudflare and cancel my hosting things will still act as they are now correct? Mainly the question is if hosting is needed to make this work. I want to cancel my hosting package at the other company basically and just have the domains and page rules at cloudflare.

No, you don’t need hosting. That’s why the tutorial suggests a dummy IP address.

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