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Hi, I have registered a domain on cloudflare. I do not know how to host it. Does cloudflare host it. Or shall I find another third party hosting?. I want to build the website on wordpress. But do not know how to start.

If you want to host using Wordpress you will need to find a host for that.

Cloudflare only offers…

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I actually purchased a plan to transfer the domain to
But I didnt realize that I need to wait 60 days before transfer.
Now I have paid but cannot transfer or do anything. has requested if I can change nameserver to their name. But I have to buy pro clouflare to do that and that would cost me 200 USD per month

Do not do that. The custom nameservers available on Cloudflare Business and higher plans are still the same Cloudflare nameservers. They are just customized to use your domain.

Since Simply requires the use of their nameservers, you will need to wait the 60 days until your domain is eligible to transfer to them. If you cannot wait that long, you will need to find a WordPress host that does not require the use of their nameservers. Most hosts fit that description.

Hi, I am so new at this. Can you recommend any hosting platform where can built website while the domain is still registered at Cloudflare?

Almost any other webhost will work. The one you mentioned is the first one I have seen that required using their nameservers for a WordPress site. That requirement normally exists with proprietary hosting platforms.

You may want to search online for comparisons of WordPress hosts.

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