Hosting multiple s3 based frontend applications in same subdomain

I struck in this part for so long,

what I’m trying to achieve
we have hosted 3 different applications in 3 different s3 buckets and then we configured Cloudfront for these buckets.
until this step, it is working fine
but we are facing an issue while configuring the following things in cloudflare is a subdomain
based on the path it should redirect to a different Cloudfront domains → should redirect to application 1/ cloudfront 1, and → should redirect to application 2/cloudfront 2
similarly → should redirect to application 3/cloudfront 3

I tried following the approach
I created multiple buckets with multiple CloudFront for 3 applications
But in this case, When I created a CNAME in Cloudflare we needed to attach this in CloudFront alternative name it was allowed only for a single CloudFront I was not able to attach the same domain name for multiple Cloudfront.

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