Hosting minecraft and website on same subdomain but keep website proxied

I want to host both minecraft server and website on same subdomain (mc . example. com)

  1. I want to keep proxy on the website on this subdomain.
  2. I want to host minecraft server on this subdomain, without proxy, since it’s in paid plan and I don’t really need it there.

I know that it doesn’t make sense since I’m exposing IP address via minecraft, I need to pass traffic through CF for other reasons, don’t ask me why :slight_smile:

Aka if I can only set no proxy for specific port on subdomain but keep the rest proxied. I think that would solve the problem but I’m not sure if it’s possible

I don’t believe you can. The proxy happens on DNS level, so you can’t change it by port. You can use an SRV record to point minecraft at a different record which can be unproxied so while they connect on the same subdomain, it is routed differently.

Okay, I found the solution

  • I created unproxied A record for
  • Then I changed proxy status back to proxied
  • And lastly I created SRV Record like that:

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