Hosting migration and cloudflare account (#217)

I have recently migrated my site from Siteground to Hostinger. In both hosting services it is included a Cloudflare account. The problem is I want to activate my account in my new hosting but I get this error:

Cloudflare is not servicing “” through Hostinger. If you are the rightful owner, you can swap over by deleting any previous Cloudflare domain sign-up and restarting this process. You may also contact Cloudflare and reference this message (#217).

How can I fix this?

Did you deactivate the Cloudflare setup at Siteground before you left?

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no i didn’t, is it necessary?

Yes, because there’s still a live link between Cloudflare and Siteground. You’ll need to back to your Siteground account and deactivate the Cloudflare feature.

Thanks! It worked perfectly!

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