Hosting Lottie Animations on Cloudflare?

Is there a way to host Lottie animations on Images, Stream or other?

I have to admit I haven’t used them yet, however as far as I’ve dug about them, yes.

The supported image formats for Cloudflare Images are as follows:

If they’re videos, yes.

Cloudflare R2 product can be used to host the arbitrary files and video animations as far as I understand what Lottie Animations does offer:

Otherwise, if a bit experienced, using the Cloudflare Workers you could also develop a system which would respon to the visitor and display the animation as a JSON content:

Just in case anyone else needs this answer, I found out how to run Lottie Animations through Cloudflare.

Basic: Lottie Info:

#1 Use Zaraz to add the dotLottie script to your header. (script in link above)
#2 Upload Lottie files via FTP to your server
#3 Use <dotlottie-player code to add lottie animation to page (script in link above)

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